For both our owner/occupying buyers and our investors we offer an exhaustive list of services as we serve not just a broker role, but an advisory role. We analyze current needs, hold periods and exit strategies in each case.

  • Preform in depth Market Analysis
  • Preform Needs Analysis and Identify Suitable Properties
  • Prepare Demographic and Analytic Reports
  • Prepare Property Survey Reports and Comparable Reports
  • Negotiate in clients best interest to achieve the most attractive terms
  • Fully Analyze Financials and other Due Diligence documents for our Investor Clients
  • Manage Transaction from Contract through Due Diligence to Closing


For our Sellers, we understand the critical nature of positioning, pricing and marketing their property to get the best exposure and highest price.

  • Provide in depth Market Analysis and determine best Property Positioning
  • Analyze Comparable Data and determine appropriate Pricing
  • Create detailed Property Brochures and Offering Memorandums
  • Provide attractive Signage
  • List property on multiple Commercial Data Exchange Systems
  • Identify Prospective Buyers
  • Negotiate in Clients best interest to achieve the most attractive terms
  • Manage Transaction from Contract to Closing


Whether a small space or several thousand square feet, we understand the significance of performing a needs analysis for our tenant clients that not only addresses current need and optimal space layout, but as important, future growth and market expansion.

  • Perform a Space Needs Analysis, Market Analysis and Growth Projection
  • Identify Suitable Sites and Prepare Property Survey Reports
  • Prepare and Analyze Lease Comparable and Lease Analysis Reports
  • Negotiate Lease Terms including Upfit Costs
  • Manage Transaction from Lease Preparation to Lease Commencement


At MCP we understand the unique needs and concerns of our Landlord clients. We work hard to identify quality tenants with solid backgrounds who offer minimal risk. Bringing long term value to our Landlord clients is our top priority.

  • Prepare Market Summary Reports
  • Prepare and Analyze Leasing Activity Reports and Absorption Rate Analysis
  • Provide Lease Comparable Reports
  • Create Professional Marketing Flyers, Signage and Outreach
  • Negotiate Lease Terms
  • Manage Transaction from Lease Preparation to Lease Commencement


At MCP we pride ourselves in being ADVISORS to our clients and not just brokers. Commercial real estate is a very dynamic industry and we understand that if we want to remain at the top of the field and offer our clients the very best service we MUST and we DO:

Excel in RESEARCH and accurately interpret findings to fully benefit our clients. Because of Stacy’s CCIM designation, she has access to many top cited sources. Site to Do Business alone offers demographic, regulatory, business and GIS data.

Perform FINANCIAL ANALYSIS looking at different scenarios and how each will impact our clients’ financial success and achieve their real estate goals. Some examples include:

  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Disposition Analysis over a determined Hold Period
  • Measurement of Investment Performance both Before and After tax
  • Sale vs. Lease scenarios

Other critical reporting capabilities performed at MCP include:

  • Market Analysis including Cap Rate, Vacancy Rate, and Rental Rate Comparisons
  • Extensive Demographic Analysis and Gap Analysis

We utilize current TECHNOLOGY to promote our clients’ properties and uncover potential opportunities. One thing we can bet on is that today’s technology most likely won’t be tomorrow’s. New and updated programs are always being developed and at MCP, we keep abreast of the technology that will benefit us and our clients.

We continue to EDUCATE ourselves as this industry is complex and dynamic. Markets change, trends change, lending changes, municipalities change and sometimes our clients’ real estate goals change. It’s a daunting industry if you do not stay on top of the fluctuations and we pride ourselves at MCP in doing so.